b(z)loom dayzzz (or the first step of neoliberals anonymous anonymous is admitting you have a problem)

by James Hazel

June 1 - 30


Enter the world of James Hazel through his digital work combining video, sound, research and text! 

During the last couple of years, working-class artist and composer James Hazel has faced an increasing series of personal and professional disappointments; many stemming from the body's (conscious and unconscious) extensions at the demands of neoliberalism (to always be peddling to keep afloat). What is lost, he asks, in the perpetual, hollowing-out (moldy) transformations that poor and marginalised artists have to undertake to compress within middle-class professional culture(s)? How can we navigate the resultant melancholic psychic wounds of loss from our localities - a phenomena described by Cynthia Cruz. Considering this, B(z)loom dayz and Neoliberals Anonymous Anonymous is a self-help guide (for anyone) - an ongoing unpacking which has several workshops/scores/songs/sounds/activations/events/meetings/interventions throughout the months of June-until the end of the year (and probs ongoing indefinitely until we can find a liveable way out of this malaise).

2022 program launches: the threads that bind

February 7th


We have launched!! the 2022 program for FABLE ARTS. Check out the links below to explore and discover what we have in store for 2022: the threads that bind.