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The Fable Academy seeks to promote and focus COLLABORATION and INTERDISCIPLINARY PRACTICE across the arts. The Academy is a specialised year of mentorship 

The Academy Course (2022)

Full Length: February to October 2022

EACH ACADEMY MEMBER will be paired with ONE mentor and will be required to produce an interdisciplinary work and collaborative work with ONE other academy member from a different discipline. The works will be presented as part of the FABLE main-stage series across October. 


There will also be the chance for other (paid) opportunities to create and showcase work which will be developed with the Fable Directors across the length of the Academy period. 

The 2022 program includes a compulsory course of round-tables and participatory lectures, support for development the professional side of working as an artist as well as a minimum of FIVE lessons/sessions with your allocated Mentor. 

$$$: Now to the finances. No need to worry. We at Fable strongly believe that everyone should be paid for their work and the culture of exploiting young or emerging (or really, any) artist should be a thing of the past. Every academy member will be financially supported throughout their development as well as the production and presentation of their final work with a fee of £1500. 

Thank you to the Arts Council of England, Australian Council for the Arts and Create NSW for the funding support we have received in order to run the Inaugural Fable Academy of 2022. 

Fable Directors

Victoria Pham - composer, artist, archaeologist 

Daniel Pini - cellist, conductor, psychologist

The two Fable directors will be in contact will all international participants throughout the program as well as running a compulsory course including participatory lectures and round-tables to discuss collaborative methods, creative processes and interdisciplinary thinking. 


Mary Osborn (Paris, France) - classical contemporary performance



James Nguyen (Melbourne, Australia) - visual artist, filmmaker 

Alexis Weaver (Sydney, Australia) - composer, sound design and electronic music

Each of our mentors are young leaders in their fields. Each participant of the academy will be paired with ONE mentor - and don't worry if on paper you think you don't match. For example, if you are a music performer, there is no need to play exactly the same instrument as your mentor to participate. This academy is all about encouraging collaboration, development and thinking about creative practices! For more information about each of our mentors, please click on their names to link you up to their body of work and websites. 


1. Deadline: 15th November 2021. Apply with the button below. The materials you will need are also provided below for you to check out

2. We will review all applications. PLEASE NOTE: All the applications will be reviewed BLINDLY. At this stage, we will not be aware of any of your personal details

3. 15th of December 2021. A short-list of applications will be selected, and contacted for a short interview.

4. Across December. Interviews conducted with Fable Directors from which 6 academy members will be selected with contracts and academy information packages supplied.

5. January 2022: Academy Candidates and their Mentors will be announced! 


General Information about yourself

- Basic contact details

- 100-150 word bio

- One excerpt of your work

- Optional: An artist portfolio (maximum of 5 pages) OR a 2-page CV (also with a selected list of works, commissions) OR Showreel (maximum of8 minutes). If you are a musician sound designer, you may provide a maximum of 3 audio link excerpts together totalling a maximum of 5 minutes.

- Which 3 Mentors would you like to be paired with? 

A series of 3 questions about yourself and what you'd like to achieve through the Fable Academy. Some quirky, others a bit more significant. Maximum of 200 words each. 


Who can apply? 

Everyone and Anyone. We have no age restriction to apply for the academy so whether you're starting sculpting in your 50s or an undergraduate at a Conservatorium, you are welcome. However, this course is designed with particular attention to anyone in the emerging, early to middle stages of their career, so if you are a late career or relatively successful practitioner, you may not get too much out of this! 

As the entire academy course and presentation is designed to be hosted and presented on-line, you can be from anywhere! 

Can I apply as a group or collective?

Unfortunately no. In its current form, the Inaugural Academy is open for individuals only. Perhaps in the future we will work to have scope for more than just individual collaborations. 

What are the deadlines?

The application is due on the 15th of November, 2021 at 11:59PM GMT (London, UK Time). We will contact you by December the 20th, 2021 regarding the outcome of your application. 

Is there an application fee?

No. Certainly not! 

It's already hard enough to be starting out or practicing as an artist so why charge anybody for taking the time out to apply for an opportunity.

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