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impotent the flow of years...


The day before last week’s material was uploaded, I had an accident.

Black and White


The Ancient Romans shouted
WATER! when there was a fire.
FIRE! shout the Romance speakers
When they most need water.

I slipped on a rock in the sand then my hand, when it went to break my fall, slipped over some oysters that slashed my right wrist. This week was meant to be high-philosophically about the violence implied in last week’s despoiling, but now I am just very plainly hurt and it’s not even anyone else’s fault. Seeing blood and having no-one to blame, I felt close to Nature:

Bird gif.gif

studio view


in the Wild

thrown under, you get

a bird's-eye view

true to the sculptural

lines of lunch.

the gannets dive; only

hit-missing is regret,

forgotten in the feather-flurry

when the seen-again target

curls the air-whittled

white neck wave-ward

and tides the blood in

a downloading instant.

need is bold in the wild

it evinces.

My hand is nicely bandaged, more nicely than my sculpture “Arch: Boxer at Rest.” I added the bed-sheet bandage to add injury to insult. I had first set out to make some monumental forms look humbled, pooped, wonky, sympathetic, another kind of masculine. This was already anthropomorphising, and it was hardly a leap of genius to see the arch as a pair of legs, and at the bottom of those legs satiny athletic shorts. Embarrassing! Bandages have something of adornment; I feel the effect is related to the wearing of armour, which says strength and vulnerability at the same time. Naturally all of this is involved in the thesis I was writing.


Arch: Boxer at Rest | 2020-21 | tinted plaster, polyester and bedsheets | H 35 cm

Alexander Cigana
Photography Isabella Wild


Arch: Boxer at Rest | 2020-21 | tinted plaster, polyester and bedsheets | H 35 cm

Alexander Cigana
Photography Isabella Wild

When it joins 'Impotent the flow of years...', the arch changes costume from the shorts to a kind of tote bag made from a pillow case and bed-sheets. Sleep is extremely humbling—that’s one thing you could take from that.

ify detail arch.jpg

Notebook pages


The pyramid is an ideal form, stubborn, cursed. I think it was Michel Serres who said:

“It is obvious from looking at them that

no pyramid was ever built with love.”


Robotic glass-cleaner on the Louvre Pyramid

People love pointing out, to illustrate diverse political points, that the Egyptian pyramids were built by slaves but I don’t mean this—I mean wherever and however the shape appears there is something stabbing and ungenerous about it.

It ignores you on its way to the sky—
it ignores the world on its way to the sky.

Pyramids are usually graves too. The Louvre Pyramids work because the Louvre was a royal palace, and from here along the ‘Historical Axis’ or ‘Royal Way’ you can walk through an arch to the obelisk at the spot where the king died, and then a second arch and a third one, all deaths but an impressive walk.

fat pyramid.HEIC

Fat Pyramid | 2021 | tinted plaster | H 45 cm

Alexander Cigana

Pyramids are harder than arches to embarrass. First I just made one very fat and blemished—lord, what does that say? It didn’t end up as part of 'Impotent the flow of years...' but he has many supporters. I also imagined tent-like pyramids that need some very visible structural support to stay erect—if ever I can do something huge it might be this.


Thank you to everyone who made this exhibition possible and for joining us this month!


To directly support resident artist Alexander Cigana and his practice, please consider donating to FABLE ARTS. 

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