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Welcome to the archives! Here, you can access our past projects ad productions, re-watch past performances, artist talks and read about our commissioning program and artist experiences. 


FABLE ARTS announced itself firstly as FABLE on the 13th of October 2020. Our first digital programme was made public over the weekend of November 30 and December 1 2020. It was a FABLE AND FOOD: AUTUMN event. 

Our first rebrand

Introducing our third project, FABLE AND FOOD: SPRING - Celebrating 120 years of Beatrix Potter, we changed our organisation name to FABLE ARTS and reworked all our visuals, design and website into the form you are seeing it now.

SOLOS 2021

As SOLOS developed over the year, we welcomed solo musicians and artists to develop their digital story-telling modes. This ranged from Wormell's and Julian's poetic cycling adventures, Betts-Dean's powerful film-recital and Spring's videowork examining Ottitis Media and its realtion to the Indigenous experiences of health and education systems. 

Check out some of the media and reviews from the 2021 SOLOS program to the left.

Our First Artist

In January of 2021, we welcomed our first artist, Paris-based saxophonist Mary Osborn into the FABLE ARTS family for her FABLE AND FOOD: WINTER project.


Adding to our series, we announced and launched 'SOLOS,' our second mainstage program in April 2021. All about embracing and developing individual practices of musicians and artists around the world, SOLOS seeks to challenge the expected and expand digital practices. 

You can read the launch package to your right.

A Collaboration

Our two remaining FABLE AND FOOD of 2021 feature major collaborations. For SUMMER, filmmaker James Nguyen and guitarist Danica Hobden joined forces for a filmic celebration of food, light and sleep.


Coming for AUTUMN, are our first non-traditional artists featuring a story-telling and folk music collaboration between evolutionary biologists Dr Laura Van Hostein and Dr Jaap Saers - all about the phylogeny of mythologies!

Past performances and artist talks are available for your perusal below. You can also access all our video archives by checking out or subscribing to our YouTube channel: FABLE ARTS.

Lunar New Year (Tết ) in a new city

Lunar New Year (Tết ) in a new city

This vlog is something a little more personal for one of our co-Directors, Victoria Pham. For the last few years we have been celebrating Lunar New Year, Tết in Vietnamese, away from our families. For Victoria (or Vickie) it is an interesting time of year to reflect on times past and bringing in new energy into a new year. It is particularly poignant as it is a time that she would usually spend with her family back in Australia, sharing traditions and food. This year, as we moved to a new country (Paris, France) is the fourth year she will be spending it away from home. This is a vlog cataloguing that one day and what happened, and welcoming in the new year to come. Buy BOROKY’s new album DNA KISSES: Alimentation Générale: MAY MENG and ANNA DUELO EXHIBITION at P’TIT RESTO: Open until February 10. Head there now and purchase their works! May Meng: Anna Duelo : Filming: Victoria Pham and Daniel Pini Editing: Victoria Pham Narration: Victoria Pham Graphics: Daniel Pini Music: - Dragon’s Tongue by Autonomic Sensations - Sincerity by Gavin Luke - Boro by Hara Noda - Form is Emptiness by Sayuri Hayashi Egnell - Little Auk by Lotus follow us on instagram FABLE ARTS: Victoria Pham: Daniel Pini: Check out all things FABLE ARTS and meet our artists at:
'to look yet not find' | Lotte Betts-Dean | SOLOS IV

'to look yet not find' | Lotte Betts-Dean | SOLOS IV

From SOLOS IV: Four White Walls by Lotte Betts-Dean. To watch the SOLOS IV project as intended, watch this playlist in order for the full experience. Vocal performance and recording: Lotte Betts-Dean Composer: Alice Chance Sound Engineer: Victoria Pham Video work and Film: Victoria Pham "Betts-Dean says she wanted to create a calm space of reflection to think about the last 18 months, and to give the audience a sense of feeling like they are alone with themselves, with their own voice. She says she has enjoyed this time of getting to know her own voice as an instrument in and of itself, I’m glad she did because otherwise we would not have this extraordinary film of unaccompanied vocal repertoire." - Reviewed by Pepe Newton, ClassiKON Full review available to read at: Artist Statement 'Four White Walls' is an intimate film-recital delving into the inner language and emotional landscape of solitude; of searching for and finding the calmness and joy of being alone with oneself, yet also of yearning for the outside world and mourning lost connections. The programme weaves its way through time exploring western repertoire for solo voice and multi-tracked choral works, from Hildegard von Bingen and Claude Debussy to contemporary works by British composer Tansy Davies and Australian composers Brett Dean, Andrew Ford and Alice Chance, via the work of 20th century American composer-pioneer Morton Feldman. As a concert and opera singer, I rarely have the opportunity to present unaccompanied repertoire - the past 18 months has given me time not only to look into solo voice music, but also to create layered recordings using one voice. This film, a combination of music, imagery and words, is a testament to the voice as a solo instrument; but also, to the challenging, turbulent, still and oddly beautiful experience of being in isolation within four white walls.” ⁃ Artist Statement, words by Lotte Betts-Dean
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