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Celebrating One Year of FABLE ARTS

So it's already November of 2021.

We proudly announce our 1st year anniversary as an international and independently run arts organisation. As a wee bit of background for those of you who are new to FABLE ARTS, we were founded and are directed in partnership by Australian cellist and conductor, Daniel Pini, and Australian composer, artist and evolutionary biologist, Victoria Pham, the organisation was first designed as a platform for emerging artists and musicians to experiment and produce interdisciplinary projects and to make art accessible to all audiences globally.

Having developed at the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic and developed throughout it, FABLE ARTS embraced a wave of digital media and sharing of art across digital platforms. In spite of these challenges, our core objectives and missions remained untouched by the obstacles of lockdowns and confinements. In fact, we were able to create a communal space for artistic collaboration and to freely share stories with audiences from Australia to Europe to the United Kingdom.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you to all those who have supported us. Thank you to each and every artist who has trusted us, especially in our infancy as an arts organisation. These artists include, Alison Wormell, Danica Hobden, James Nguyen, Joel Spring, Justin Julian, Dr Laura Van Holstein, Dr Jaap Saers, Mary Osborn, Lotte Betts-Dean and Sebastian Pini. You have been such brilliant creators and it has been our absolute pleasure to support you and to see your works develop alongside you!

We would like to share with you a break snapshot of some statistics regarding our commissioning program, choice of contemporary classical repertoire and representation of artists from our first project in November of 2020 and eight projects later, our latest project and on-line exhibition from October 2021 (Statistical figures below).

We are proud to reflect on our past year and be able to state that a contemporary Australian work has featured in every project we have produced and presented, making up 63% of our body of presented work. Musically this spans the works of composers such as Brett Dean, Alice Chance, Ross Edwards, Danica Hobden and Victoria Pham. We are also pleased to know that 75% of the works presented have been 21st century productions and pieces ranging from Joel Spring’s online exhibition focusing on Indigenous healthcare ‘Hearing, Loss’ (2018) through to the solo vocal works of Tansy Davies and Morton Feldman, performed by Lotte Betts-Dean.

As always, there will always improvements that could and should be made and moving forwards we will continue to be committed to our core objectives:

i) Equal opportunity in all aspects of our practices inclusive of: artist representation, consultation, programming and curation;

ii) Challenge the limitations of traditional classical music and fine art, and to perform and commission 21st century music;

iii) Promote healthy discourse and encourage open critique of our practices;

iv) Champion the right to experience and access art for all, by actively improving our open access and accessibility practices - digitally and physically - and seek to engage with broader audiences internationally.

Our first year as an organisation has been a whirlwind of unexpected challenges, creativity under pressure and most importantly, a constant stream of story-telling discoveries from our artists and our audiences! As such, we are announcing on our first anniversary, over the dates of November the 4th, 5th and 6th the launching of the FABLE ARTS Archives and the release of our ‘FABLE AND FOOD: SPRING 2021 – Celebrating 120 years of Beatrix Potter’, will be available to for all to stream and watch for free!

You can watch this below OR visit our newly launched ARCHIVES page to check it and its accompanying recipes out, as well as catch up on all the projects from the last year that you may have missed or wanted to revisit!

We look forward to introducing you to our 2022 program (to be released in January 2022... so keep your eyes and ears prepared!), artists, open calls and FABLE opportunities, collaborative ventures and to welcoming you to all our future concerts, projects and events with open arms and ears.

With warmest regards,

Victoria Pham and Daniel Pini

Artistic Directors of FABLE ARTS

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