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Introducing: SOLOS

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

"Dear reader,

Over the past year, we have been thinking and conversing about how concerts and exhibitions can impact, touch, and challenge us. As a result, we have questioned how we might be able to tell personal and important stories, and what we can do to support meaningful and relevant art. The solution we arrived at was to showcase a handful of talented and thoughtful artists whose stories and practices we wish to share with you. And thus, SOLOS was born. 

SOLOS is a personal series with each artist presenting their story in their way. Whether it be through contemporary music, critical research and discourse, or visual art and moving image, each of the seven 2021 SOLOS projects will be exploring new ideas, textures, sounds and stories. 

We are so excited to produce these events and can’t wait for you to see the wonderful work of our featured artists."

We are so pleased to launch our second main-stage series, SOLOS. Built to highlight the practices, visions, experiments and thoughts of remarkable individuals from around the world, SOLOS celebrates new work and ideas through story telling!

We are delighted to announce the 2021 SOLOS Artist-line up of concerts and exhibitions.

Edition I (May): Alison Wormell, bassoon

Edition II (June): Daniel Pini, cello

Edition III (July): Justin Julian viola

Edition IV (September): Lotte Betts-Dean, mezzo-soprano

Edition V (October): Joel Spring, artist and architect

Edition VI (December): Sebastian Pini, double bass

Info about ARTISTS

Info about EVENTS

Keep and eye (and your ears!) ready on our socials, events page and this blog for more info, details, interviews and BTS sneak-peeks about this new series! We look forward to bringing you all along to new experiences and stories.

Victoria Pham   &   Daniel Pini

FABLE Artistic Directors

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